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10/12/19 08:09 AM #1641    


Jeffery DuBois

I want to express a big THANK YOU to everyone that helped organize the 45th reunion last Saturday!

I had a great time hanging out with my former classmates - good conversation, food, music, and dancing!

A special thank you to Yvette Nierenhausen for taking on the leadership role in organizing the reunion, from booking the venue to determining the food catering, dj, fun activities, and all the other details!! It was so well organized!

I very much appreciate  Yvette's  willingness to step in, as well as the assistance from Bob, and Francene and others for making the 45th such a successful event :)

On another topic - based on conversations with some of the classmates at the reunion that are living in the midwest, a few of us up here have canoes and/or kayaks and like to paddle.  I wonder if there would be any interest in a paddle get together next  Spring/Summer?  Maybe on the Saint Croix - or in the St. Paul Park/ Grey Cloud Island area (Mississippi river).   Everyone  would be welcome,- we just need to make sure we have enough boats. Let me know your thoughts.

There is a new bridge on Grey Cloud Island  so there is nice flowage now in what used to be  stagnate back water channels in that area. we could do some paddle exploring there.  Just throwing out the idea.., I will plan to  bring it up on the message forum next Spring....





10/12/19 03:52 PM #1642    


Steven Bilderback

A canoeing trip sounds great!
I have three canoes and acess to a few more. I also have plenty of camping and day trip equipment if needed.
Count me in! smiley

10/12/19 03:56 PM #1643    


Steven Bilderback

And thank you to all of you, (you know who you are) that pulled off the 45th reunion! 
I hope to see all of you, yes all of you at the 50th.

10/12/19 06:49 PM #1644    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

I'd be interested in kayaking! Keep us posted! Sounds like fun!

10/13/19 12:35 AM #1645    


Douglas Kladis

kayaking Verdie River would love to have you join the wife and I Yvette it would be fun trust me

10/13/19 07:45 AM #1646    

Robert Ayre

Count me in for the kayaking/canoeing adventure. I have two kayaks if someone needs to use one. Let's not wait for 5 years!

10/13/19 10:03 AM #1647    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

Bob, I don't have a kayak! I have dibs on your extra! Doesn't Laurie want to go?

10/14/19 12:57 PM #1648    

Robert Ayre

Yvette you can use it. It is a 12ft. Punto wilderness, very stable kayak. Looking forward to it

10/29/19 11:56 AM #1649    


Karen Romanchuk (Garaghty)

What great reunion pics. It looks like it was a 'blast from the past'

10/29/19 06:44 PM #1650    


David Frazer

Thanks Steve for the pictures.  I did not know 1/2 of those pictured were there... Almost like I missed out. sad  Hope I am not speaking out of turn; but the picture of Darrell Amacker reminded me to ask for pray for him.


10/30/19 10:47 AM #1651    


Steve Hardy

I wish I could take credit for the reunion pics, but credit goes to the young people with the cameras.  They did a terrific job of covering our reunion.  I just now finished resizing, rotating, and cropping, so that all the photos are now right side up.

10/30/19 09:32 PM #1652    


Steve Hardy

For my party bus driving during the Halloween season, I decided to dress up as Svengoolie, the TV horror movie show host.  Each week, he presents one of the classic horror movies. Here in the cities, he is seen on ME-TV.  I'm the one on the right.

10/31/19 07:21 PM #1653    


John Cavanaugh

Steve, That is a great costume! You could be his double!

11/04/19 09:42 PM #1654    

Robert Ayre

That was a great Svengoolie costume! The only thing you need is the rubber chicken!

11/05/19 10:31 AM #1655    


Steve Hardy


My chicken was also wondering why it wasn't included in the original post.  Whenever it gets unruly, I take it to KFC, order a meal, and say, "This'll be you if you keep it up!"  I don't hear a peep after that!

11/05/19 06:21 PM #1656    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

Steve, that is crazy funny! See what you started Bob?

11/06/19 09:27 AM #1657    


David Frazer

Funny!  Very Funny.  Thanks for lightening our hearts.

11/07/19 09:11 AM #1658    

Robert Ayre

Just a feather in your cap Steve, make no bones about it if you just wing it the rubber chicken will just bounce back.things were looking a little beak.

11/07/19 09:15 AM #1659    

Robert Ayre

Fellow classmates I hope everyone had fun at the reunion. Even though we are 5 years out from our 50th, I would like to know who we can transfer the information to work on the next one. Thank you

11/07/19 09:18 AM #1660    

Robert Ayre

Wishing everyone a great fun safe Thanksgiving with your families and friends. Again, as Jeff mentioned keep this spring/summer in mind for a canoe/ kayak trip.

11/08/19 09:28 AM #1661    


Douglas Kladis

You are crazy I love it wish I was there 

11/10/19 10:11 AM #1662    


Victor DePaulis

A very happy birthday to you Bob!

11/10/19 01:23 PM #1663    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

Happy Birthday Bob! What can I say? You finally caught up to me, ha! No more calling me "old"! We are even steven, cant tell us a part, as old as the day old get the idea! We are equally old! Hope you had a great day!

11/12/19 09:34 PM #1664    

Robert Ayre

Thank you for the birthday wishes,but the reference to me being an old fart depends on whether my day was a gas or that I am full of hot air. Besides I am just turning 63. Started school early.

11/12/19 10:33 PM #1665    


Mary Ann Etzler (Etzler-Phillips)

Bob, when you get the notice I just received about "time to start thinking about Medicare and here are the time lines to be aware of, policies to review, etc.," you'll feel a lot older than 64.  Remind me a year from now that I'm old but sheesh, right after I turn 64?  

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