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05/24/19 05:30 PM #1558    


David Frazer

Doug, what do you do for this holiday week end?

05/30/19 01:07 AM #1559    


Jeffery DuBois

Hi All -   Regarding our 45th class reunion this year I propose we schedule it for an early weekend in October .  The weekend of October 11-13  is currently open for me, but other October dates could work for me as well. 

I have family vacation plans  for much of August  and the first one or two  weeks in September. 

The summer months may be busy for others as well..

What are your thoughts?

I did contact the Red Barn VFW in Cottage Grove and they currently have October 4,5, and 11 dates available, but they are filling fast.  August and September are already booked - although there is a slight possibility that Sept 28 may open up. I need to follow up with them regarding catering.

THANK YOU to Yvette Fuchs and Steve Hardy who are looking into other locations for holding the reunion, and generously offered to help with organizing the event.  Patricia Origer mentioned the Dakota Pines country club near Hastings as a possibility.

Please feel free to offer any suggestions you may have for locations and dates for the reunion.  Feel free to contact me by phone, text, or email.  

I am looking forward to seeing you again :)


Jeff DuBois




05/30/19 05:37 PM #1560    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

Fyi...I have a call out to Obbs Bar & Grill to see if they have availability. Just so yoi know...

05/30/19 08:07 PM #1561    


Vickie Quiner (Carlson)

Those dates work as summer is at lake and September will be in Philly and New York! I will help contact people. 

05/31/19 10:13 AM #1562    


David Spiess

FYI Dakota Pines is now Hasting Golf Club, Nichole at HGC will be very helpful if you need anything from them.


05/31/19 12:35 PM #1563    


Steven Kaufhold

I may have a lead on a band

05/31/19 04:34 PM #1564    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

I keep losing my messages when trying to submit,ugh! Where is the "Mayor" when you need him, huh Bob?? Anyway..Obbs is out. I am waiting on a call back about food from Red Barn and asked if we could hold a date. It is a great venue for a party! I will keep you posted! Jeff, do we more $ donations??

06/01/19 12:56 AM #1565    


Jessica Aasved

Hi!  Let me know if a donation is needed for the Class Reunion.  Happy to contribute!  :-)

06/01/19 06:28 PM #1566    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

Thanks Jessica! I am kicking some in too this time, as I haven't attended past reunions! Looking forward to seeing everyone!

06/02/19 12:45 AM #1567    


Jeffery DuBois

Hi All,

The class account currently has about $1200.00 in it.  However,  I just received an invoice for about $203.00 for the class website hosting and domain name registration.  Therefore effectively we currently have about $1000.00 in the account that we could put towards the reunion.

If we are  renting a room/hall for the reunion,  then I would estimate, based on the pricing Red Barn provided, that the rental fee could be on the order of $800.00, and that does not include food or beverages.

Adding food and beverages to the hall rental, may put us  over the $1000 that we currently have in the account.

If we hire a band, then I suspect we will need more donations.


06/02/19 08:00 AM #1568    


Steven Bilderback

Hi Jeffery,
Let us know what's the most convenient way to send donation money to the class account.
Thanks again for the all work you're putting into this.

06/02/19 03:28 PM #1569    


Steven Kaufhold

as an example, we could plan on $25 per person attending with maybe 50 people

06/02/19 04:17 PM #1570    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

How many people do we think might attend the class reunion? I am checking with a friend who owns Donnatelis for catering options, and it would be helpful to have an approximate attendance number. Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weekend!

06/02/19 09:22 PM #1571    


Jeffery DuBois

Thank you to those of you asking about how to make donations to the class account.  I  plan to contact the bank tomorrow to determine the best approach for depositing into that account.

The class account is an account I established with my bank to hold the class funds that  I had received from Tari Buckley .  It is my understanding that  Tari was the previous "keeper of the funds"/treasurer.

Stay tuned for more details.

Your generosity and willingness to donate is very much appreciated!

- Jeff DuBois


06/02/19 09:42 PM #1572    


Jeffery DuBois

Steven Kaufhold thank you for the idea of a per person reunion fee charge, with an estimate of maybe 50 people. 

Echoing Yvette's question earlier- for the past reunion's does anyone know approximately how many people attended?  I am sure it varied from year to year.  I assume that RSVP and payment was required for those planning to attend?



06/03/19 01:32 PM #1573    


Taryn Buckley (Keapproth)

This is  Tari Keapproth's (Buckley) husband responding,

At the 35th reunion there was over 200 people

 I believe a great time was had by all 

Each person paid a fee ticket price.  What money was left over after all costs was paid  went back into a CD for when more things for the class were needed like the web site, it was covered,  That is the money that was giving to Jeff to be used for the class use for whatever purpose. Between that and the suggested $25 dollars per person it could be a good time.

I believe the 45th should be a large reunion again, I dont know about you all but Im getting up there in age and yes I am also an Indian (a Humboldt Indian) the class of 75


06/03/19 08:49 PM #1574    


Jeffery DuBois

Thank you Tari Keapproth's husband for responding to the question of how many people attend the reunions and other reunion info!  If there is a good turn out it sounds like there could be around 200 attendees. 

For those who have asked where to send the donations for the class reunion, there are two different ways:

   1.  Send a  check/cash to me (Jeff DuBois) and then I will deposit it into the class account.

        My home U.S. postal mail address is:

       Jeff DuBois

        20 Black Oak Road

        North Oaks, MN 55127


   2.  Or you can deposit it directly into the class reunion account from your banking institution:

          The reunion account is at US Bank - local branch Shoreview MN. 


             Bank Routing number:  091000022     

             Account number:  104785698275

             Account owner/customer: Jeffery DuBois






06/04/19 10:25 AM #1575    


Victor DePaulis

Exciting! I'll plan to keep early October open. 

06/05/19 08:11 AM #1576    


Steve Campos

Thanks Jeff for spearheading our 45 reunion!  Check is in the mail for $200 that Tim Shannon and I collected at the last reunion that was held at the Car Bar in Cottage Grove!

06/06/19 07:29 AM #1577    


Jeffery DuBois

Thank you Steve for forwarding on funds collected from the last reunion!


06/09/19 10:21 PM #1578    


Jeffery DuBois

Hello fellow Classmates - We have set a date and location for the Park High class of 1974's  45th year reunion!   

Date:  Saturday October 5th 2019


Cottage Grove VFW Post 8752  ("The Red Barn")

9260 E Point Douglas Rd S, Cottage Grove, MN 55016




More details to follow...


Special THANK YOU to Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen) for  her leadership and effort on coordinating with the Red Barn and booking the venue!   It is very much appreciated!






06/10/19 01:26 PM #1579    


Mary Lou DeForth (Hosler)

Great news and thank you to all to get our 45th organized.  The date is on my calendar!

06/28/19 02:32 PM #1580    


Douglas Kladis

OK it has been 18 days I hope everyone ia having a good summer you to Dave wherever you are 

07/11/19 11:16 AM #1581    


Connie Redding (Flora)

I will be posting this information one our class facebook page.  Does anyone have a dollar amount that you would expect from each person?  Are invites being sent out or is this all word of mouth? 

07/12/19 12:55 PM #1582    


Steven Kaufhold

I'll suggest $20 to $25 each

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