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02/09/20 08:01 PM #1722    


Daniel Sopkowiak

I know it had been a lonng time since i visited this page. just to add a little flavor the most exotic thing i had in my mouth was Muktuk. ( whale blubber and skin ) Ex wife called it eskimo bubble gum.

As far as the winters in Spokane it can thow either way, I have only touched a shovel twice this year and both times it wasn't over 3" but in other years!


02/12/20 11:23 PM #1723    


Marvin G. Schuster

Hi Fellow Classmates

I don't get on here much but at this time I would like to thank Yvette Nierenhausen , Steve Hardy, Mike Lebeau ,Vicki Carlson and Bob Ayre and anyone elso who may donate to my Go Fund , I really do  appreciate it.. God Bless to all . Thank You All

02/13/20 01:56 PM #1724    

Thomas Cockriel

Dang Vic, thathas to be most all of them. Ive broken 1 here and there. Can't imagine 10. As my wife would say, "Did you learn anything"?

02/15/20 07:38 AM #1725    


Jeffery DuBois

Hi Vic - That hurts !  But it could have been worse?  I wish for you a speedy recovery!

02/15/20 07:13 PM #1726    


David Frazer

For some reason the automatic reminders stop working a few times a year.  This means I fail to look up the site when I sit (I usually write my client notes or/and fall asleep). So, I am shocked with all that I miss in a few weeks. Vic sorry about your fall!  Do the ribs hurt when you laugh at Bob's puns?  Praying for Marvin; Steve thanks for calling me so I might be about praying for Marvin.  Sorry to hear about Deb Davidson Shir. Praying for her family.

02/18/20 06:28 PM #1727    


Brent Reimnitz

Just a reminder for all our warm weather friends and John and Daniel (just showing the nasty side of winter).  Minnestoa winters have their good times too.

View from our deck after a heavy frost about a week ago:



View this morning after a light snow last night:


02/27/20 03:14 PM #1728    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

PRAYERS NEEDED!  Marvin Schuster's wife passed away this morning from a massive heart attack!  She was putting Marvin's wheelchair in the car after leaving the doctors office to get him fitted for his leg prosthesis. CPR was perfomed, but they could not save her.  As you know, Marvin has had several leg amputations and has been recovering both physically, as struggling with medical bills.  Please keep him in your prayers!  He and his family need al the support they can get right now!  Thanks!



02/28/20 09:53 AM #1729    

Diane Gunter (Gunter)

Prayers are being lifted for Marv and my sincere condolences.

02/28/20 10:18 PM #1730    


Daniel Sopkowiak

so sorry to hear of your loss Marvin

03/01/20 02:42 PM #1731    

Robert Ayre

My sincere condolences to Marv and his family with his/there loss.

03/02/20 11:49 AM #1732    


Karen Romanchuk (Garaghty)

Marvin you and your family are in my prayers during this very difficult and painful time. My heart truly hurts for you! You will co tinue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

03/03/20 10:26 AM #1733    


David Spiess

Marv. sorry to hear about your loss. Our prayers are with you.

03/03/20 02:40 PM #1734    


Vickie Quiner (Carlson)

Marvin so unimaginable the pain and loss you are going through! Prayers for you!

03/04/20 07:13 AM #1735    


Cyndi Meissner (Perkins)

My deepest sympathy Marvin. You are in my prayers.

03/04/20 08:44 AM #1736    


David Frazer

Marvin, I'm sorry!

03/06/20 02:44 PM #1737    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

For those of you that might be interested, Marvin Schuster will be having a Celebration of Life for his wife, Vicki, who passed away this week.  Celebration will be held at Good Shepherd Luthern Church, 7600 Cahill Ave E. Inver Grove Heights.  10 a.m. is Visitation, Service from 11-12, then lunch following.  Continued prayers for Marvin and his family.

03/07/20 10:34 AM #1738    

Diane Gunter (Gunter)

I won't be able to attend. Please extend my condolences and prayers to Marv and his family.

03/07/20 05:54 PM #1739    


Mary Ann Etzler (Etzler-Phillips)

So sorry for your loss, Marvin.  May God Bless you and bring you peace- you've been through so much.  I wish I could be closer to help with the day to day.  Praying for you and your family.

-Mary Ann

03/09/20 07:57 PM #1740    

Robert Ayre

Thanks Yvette for keeping us updated. Life is precious!

03/15/20 10:36 PM #1741    


David Frazer

Marvin, I just saw Vicki's celebration of life happened this Saturday. I'm sorry I  couldn't make it. I have been praying for you and the family. I didn't see Yvette's message (thanks Yvette for posting the information) but then ended up sick anyway. Praying for everyone in these changing months.

03/26/20 05:58 PM #1742    


Jessica Aasved

Marvin - so very sorry for your loss.

03/27/20 06:21 AM #1743    


Denise Moore (Edgett)

I hope this finds everyone tucked safely in at home. Now more than ever, reviewing my blessings helps keep me level: I have a warm home, full belly, and the ability to stay connected to my growing family and friends through technology:) I am most grateful for several events this month- the marriage of my youngest son and just a week ago, the safe arrival of my first grandbaby. Stay safe, Class of '74- we'll get through this!




03/28/20 09:00 AM #1744    

Robert Ayre

HAPPY birthday to chuck Bravinder and Steve bilderback.
Congrats on the wedding and new little grandbaby Denise. I hope all are doing good. Keep smiling and enjoying life! I have never see so many people walking. All the very best to everyone!

03/28/20 04:56 PM #1745    


Denise Moore (Edgett)

Thank you, Bob- birthdays, birth days and weddings.... happy life events. May they outweigh the sad and difficult ones. Sending positive thoughts to all.

03/28/20 05:18 PM #1746    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

Happy Birthday Chuck! We will have to have a celebration lunch once they let out of homes again!

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