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04/14/21 11:05 PM #1889    


David Frazer

Steve, I need to look up Lanesboro. Have a great ride! Ted, you might have done us a favor and brought the warm back with you. Roxanne thank you for your kind words. We have one more year with our adopted son at home and then... maybe... laugh

04/15/21 09:40 AM #1890    


Vickie Quiner (Carlson)

What fun vacations everyone is taking! My son soon will take over our farm. Maybe we will travel a bit. But for now we enjoy our summer get away 15 minutes from home at our little lake cabin on our beach at Middle Cormorant; fishing, watching the grandkids and kids wakeboard and waterski. It is our little piece of heaven 😍

04/17/21 01:18 PM #1891    


Michael Wade

Found my 4th grade class picture.  Pine Hill.  Anyone recognize themselves?


04/17/21 11:56 PM #1892    

Steve Hardy


I wasn't in your 4th grade class.  I was in Mrs. Jordan's class.  But I recognize several of the faces.

Top row:  Ty Hodge and Jon Hanson

Second row:  Mike Scheaffer and George Cohoes

Third Row:  Cindy Anderson and Terry Griffith

Fourth row:  Jeff Goodell, Pam Davis, Jackie Marcus, Jean or Jane Wilson (twins), Kim Hanson, and JoAnne Taylor

Bottom row:  Dan Paulson, Cindy Miles, Ron Brown, possibly Tim Lind, possibly Sherri Cady, and Steve Bovie

04/18/21 03:11 PM #1893    


John Cavanaugh

This looks like a fun game. Here is my fouth grade class picture, the only one I have from Grove School.  Can you identify the people in the picture?

04/18/21 04:12 PM #1894    


Michael Wade


I'm having a hard time finding you.   Third from left, second row?


04/19/21 05:20 PM #1895    

Diane Klug (Gunter)

I went to Grove elementary. Yes I do see my photo in there

04/20/21 09:55 AM #1896    


John Cavanaugh


Close, but reversed.  Third row, second in from left.  I took my glasses off and have the 1000 yard stare.  The person you thought was me is Keith Lang.  Diane was in many of my elementary classes.  Thanks to both of you for posting.




04/20/21 10:00 AM #1897    


John Cavanaugh

I do have a question for Diane and Linda.  Is that Mrs. Schneider bottom row third from the left?  Kora thinks it's a student, but I think that picture is of our teacher.



04/21/21 10:52 AM #1898    


Brent Reimnitz

Hey John, just wanted to let you know that I was able to pick you out.  Not bad for not meeting you until Lakewood.

04/21/21 11:20 AM #1899    

Diane Klug (Gunter)

I don't see her. I would have thought she'd be next to the principal. But I don't see her anywhere.

04/21/21 06:41 PM #1900    


Linda Bauer (Martin)

Hi John. Kagie (Kora) is correct, it's a student, Kim Stallberger. Mrs. Schneider is not shown. The teacher's photo would be shown next to the principal. FYI, here are the students' names:

Top row L to R: Steve Vanderbeck, Cheryl Bock, space, Mr. Kovatch, space, Jeff DuBois, Doug Stark.

2nd row L to R: Stephanie Jones, Dave Snoddy, Sandy Knack, Keith Lange, Debbie Hanson, Joe Halfen.

Middle row L to R: Barb Olson, Space, John Cavanaugh, Pauline Donner, Space, Bob Bergquist.

4th row L to R: Randy Post, Diane Klug, Space, Debbie Nord, Ginger Strom, Mark Kooyman, Space, Robbie Holmes, Judy Fuenfinger.

Bottom row L to R: Mike Brant, Roxie Binder, Kim Stallberger, Julie Gruber, Linda Bauer, Kathy Erickson, John Seliga.

04/22/21 09:44 AM #1901    

Diane Klug (Gunter)

Hi Linda,thank you for identifying everyone. I did John but was having a hard time with the others

04/22/21 09:48 AM #1902    


John Cavanaugh

Thank you to Diane and Linda for their response.  Kora is now $10 richer as I payoff on my bet with her.  smiley     I have to add...Wow Linda you did a great job in naming our classmates!  I was only able to identify 69% of those pictured.  

04/22/21 10:53 AM #1903    


David Frazer

Wow! You are all impressive! Especially you are Linda! I'm not in the same league as you guys. I have to work to identify my own picture. Keep up the challenges! I'm waiting for Steve Hardy's 8 year old picture of himself; (not an 8 year old picture Steve). laugh

04/22/21 06:23 PM #1904    


Michael Wade





I have one more class pic.  Sixth grade at Crestview. 1967.  I remember a lot a names.   Who can identify themselves?

04/23/21 11:30 AM #1905    

Roxanne Binder (Kidder)

Linda, you are amazing! I could not have remembered all those names.

I didn't go to Crestview, but I see Gloria Borner!



04/24/21 10:40 AM #1906    

Diane Klug (Gunter)

I agree. Once Linda named everyone it was easy to recognize faces.

04/24/21 10:58 AM #1907    


Thomas Cockriel

I vaguely remember at Crestview Mr. Vierow Having a heart attack at the school and being taken away by ambulance.  He was back a few weeks later.

04/24/21 11:05 AM #1908    


Thomas Cockriel

I think that's Keith Evans next to Mr. Vierow

04/25/21 07:20 AM #1909    


Tom Birkholm


I remember when he had the heart attack as well, some of us were playing dodge ball with some teachers after school and they wouldn't let us leave because the ambulance was there.  

I was thinking that was Keith as well and Dale Howe is the 3rd one down on the far right.

05/04/21 04:25 PM #1910    


David Frazer


I"m curious to find how many fishing licenses our classmates bought so far. I have heard that is what the retired do is fish more. Any truth to that? cool

05/05/21 08:59 AM #1911    


Steven Bilderback

I haven't bought my fishing license yet, I'll have both a WI and MN soon.
Dave, we should grab my canoe and find a fishing hole somewhere. laugh

05/05/21 10:46 PM #1912    


David Frazer

Steve, I am amiss in calling you and asking if you need someone to till your garden? I have been thinking of calling for three weeks; but it always is somewhere or time not right. I would be willing to be your left hand on the tiller. Did you get the cast off? (Use your tiller though... mine is a shovel for the last three years).

05/05/21 11:47 PM #1913    


Douglas Kladis

I remeber tillers and the garden been a long time fishing sonds like more fun though caught me two rainbows last week, thinking of going up to Mormen Lake soon to see how the Pike are doing 

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