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11/04/20 05:47 PM #1825    

Robert Ayre

Saddened to hear of another classmate who has left us too early in life.
Thanks Dave for the birthday wish.
I wish all the November birthday classmates a happy birthday!

11/05/20 09:00 AM #1826    


Michael Wade




I spent many happy hours building and painting models back in the day.  Jet fighters, spacecraft, submarines.  Anybody else?

11/05/20 10:15 AM #1827    


John Cavanaugh


I still build a model now and then.  Here is part of my collection.  This Wright Flyer is the latest.


11/05/20 01:02 PM #1828    


Jessica Aasved

Steve, I LOVE the yellow flower look on you!  You wear it well!  :-)

11/05/20 01:48 PM #1829    


Michael Wade


Nice job!  By the way, my original message lost the pic I included.  I’ve edited it to include the pic that inspired the message.

11/11/20 08:03 AM #1830    

Avis Bevins (Lorenz)

Thank you for all who serve(d).  

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11/11/20 03:03 PM #1831    


Douglas Kladis

Thanks Avis we should all take time out to thank the Lord for all our vets 

11/11/20 06:30 PM #1832    

Robert Ayre

Thank you to all who have served. Always remembered never forgotten.

11/15/20 08:54 AM #1833    


David Frazer

Enjoy reading your comments! Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! Blessings!

11/23/20 08:50 AM #1834    


David Frazer

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Every day I wake up breathing, it is a day to be thankful for! Blessings!

11/24/20 11:18 AM #1835    


Vickie Quiner (Carlson)

Happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe! Going to miss my grandkids. But I have to be healthy to teach the special ed kids I have at high school. Long term subbing during these times is very challenging!

11/24/20 03:57 PM #1836    


Steven Bilderback

11/29/20 02:06 PM #1837    


Steve Hardy

Steven Meyer

Age 64 of Cottage Grove Passed away peacefully on November 23rd, after a courageous six year battle, surrounded by his loving family.

I'm sorry to bring the news of another classmate passing.  Steve Meyer passed this week.  I copied his obituary to the "In Memory" page. A special thanks to David Frazer and Steve Kaufhold for letting me know. 

12/24/20 10:15 PM #1838    


David Frazer

If anyone sees this today or tomorrow, have a great Christmas!

12/25/20 02:51 AM #1839    


Steven Bilderback

A merry, merry Christmas to you Dave!
And of course to everyone else. heart

~ Visualize wold peace ~

12/25/20 08:11 AM #1840    

Honore Harvey

12/25/20 10:08 AM #1841    


Theodore Williams

12/26/20 11:43 AM #1842    


Steven Kaufhold

Ted, good stuff, a picture is worth at least a couple hundred words

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Park High Indians!!!

12/29/20 07:00 PM #1843    


David Frazer

Honore, thanks for the Christmas Tree! Nice outfits Ted! Happy New Year, Everyone! Thanks Steve for the well wishes, same for you neighbor! Pray there is no Covid 2021!

01/01/21 08:12 AM #1844    

Robert Ayre

Happy New Year! Wow, had I had "2020" vision I would have skipped a lot of things last year. However there was some good things and we spent more family time together and we helped others in times of need and losses. Wishing everyone a healthy and safe 2021.

01/01/21 06:53 PM #1845    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

Happy New Year! I Hope that 2021 brings peace, health, and gratitude for friends and family! Truly the meaning of happiness! Be well!

01/14/21 02:05 PM #1846    


David Frazer

Yvette, this is a great year all ready. Puns beside, Bob, I hope you're having a great new year!

01/25/21 01:14 PM #1847    


David Frazer

Looking out the window and enjoying the sun shining through. One more client and I get to go home and do my daily waddling. This will be my 33rd week in a row waddling six days a week. Not far for mileage each day; but the goal is consistency again with out adding miles. Anyone else have a work out plan? Fastest growing sport in the U.S.? (Pickleball)? Have a blessed day!

01/26/21 09:22 AM #1848    


Steven Bilderback

I'm getting a new cast today after breaking my wrist last week playing our Sunday Broomball games. 
That's more of a "I wish I could work out" plan. The day before that I did a 10 mile hike on our trail setting up a candle light cross county skiing event.
It's the first time my right arm isn't mine to use, it's quite the humbling learning experiance.
Does anyone have any fun stories or ideas for activities to entertain a bored gimp? wink

01/26/21 02:21 PM #1849    


David Frazer

Wow, Steve! I broke my knee playing broomball during gymn class our senior year. Broomball is a rough sport. Praying you heal well and quickly. Any encouragement; I broke my wrist in 2005 and I can barely tell (except for all the metal and the byzantium art scar of a Shepherd's staff). Sorry about the bad break!

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