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02/24/19 04:05 PM #1534    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

Hello David! Concert was really fun! We ended up sitting right next to Carmen having no idea that's where her seats were located! Truly a blessing! March 16th for sure! Enjoy your Sunday!

03/06/19 08:06 AM #1535    


David Frazer

Hey, classmates!  Is anyone ready for winter to be over?  Hard to believe we have Daylight Savings begin this Sunday at 2:00 am (is anyone a type 'A' and wake up to set it exactly at the time?).  Well, it is a beautiful view out the windows. indecision

03/06/19 03:42 PM #1536    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

Sun is shining bright! It's only a matter if time before we are outside enjoying the warmth! No cmplaints here!

03/13/19 06:59 PM #1537    


Jessica Aasved

Happy soon to be spring day!  Actually the first day of spring (usually) is my birthday and I'm always happy and thankful for both.  It has been awhile since I posted, although I do frequently check in to see what is going on and how people are doing.

2018 and 2019 so far have been hard on the class - too many lost.  As I get older these events serve to remind me that I too am aging.  You can't deny what you are, so I use the reminders to help me remember to enjoy and LIVE my life.  With that said however, I must say that I have felt Donna's loss more keenly than expected.  I didn't know her well in high school, nor - to be honest - very well since high school.  But one thing that I came to appreciate very much was her cheerfulness, sense of humour, and kindness that I would see (and sometimes experience directly) via this site.  So, for one final time - cheers Donna!  You made a positive impact farther than you know.

How are things going for everyone?  I'm lucky enough to be in my final year of what I call Phase II of my life (Phase ! = school, Phase II = work, Phase III = FREEDOM (aka retirement)).  And I'm loving the anticipation and planning that goes into getting ready for it!  Current plans have me retiring at 64, and as part of that I'm getting ready to sell my condo in Woodbury.  After 23 years here I have WAY too much "stuff" and weeding through it is quite the daunting task!  Ha!  I am using the currently popular method to decide what to keep - if it doesn't give me JOY, then out it goes (sold, donated, recycled, or trashed as best fits).  Keeps me busy and out of trouble.

But trouble is half the fun of life!  :-)  Speaking of trouble, I have read that there is a gathering planned for 3/16 and I'm sorry that I won't be able to make it.  Even though there is so much time between now and our high school days, it is still very much fun to catch up and see how our lives have evolved.  I won't be there in person, but will be there in spirit!  I am hoping there will be other occasions.

Enough for tonight.  Take care everyone - stay dry and hang in there!  Spring is coming!


03/16/19 05:50 PM #1538    


Steve Hardy


That seems like a very nice time to have a birthday, the first day of Spring.  Speaking of special days for one's birthday, my wife Julie's birthday is May 30th.  When she was a little girl, one of her family members told her that the yearly big parade in town was to commemorate her birthday!

Now she says that, someday when we're in a nursing home, she's gonna demand that everyone line up in a procession of walkers and wheelchairs and have a Memorial/birthday parade in her honor!

Should be something to look forward to . . .

By the way, everyone please pray about the flooding that will be occuring in the weeks to come!

We've been clearing culverts and storm drains here in the Hastings area and along US 61, and the rural stretches of highway have had water running over them from the saturated farm fields. This saturation weakens the foundations of the roads for some vital portions of infrastructure.  Especially with the rains, there is a serious threat to the roadways and, more importantly, the homes in this area.

03/19/19 09:57 AM #1539    

Robert Ayre

Jessica, nice to see your still reading the forum. I think it will be awhile before you get to your cabin up north. It may be under the snow until August. Looking forward to the next get together. In the meantime I wish you good health and a Happy Spring Birthday!

03/23/19 10:08 AM #1540    


David Frazer

Hi classmates!  As I wish you happy birthday's on your profile page, I see Donna's wishes from last year.  Seeing them makes me both sad and happy; I am sad she won't be adding her fun comments; happy to know she has entered the No-Time Zone of Glory (also known as eternity, age into age, forever).  I can't imagine what living with no time is like; thanks to modern science fiction I have a little more handle on that... (I said "little"). I hope you have a great weekend watching the Gophers, enjoying the sun, and being blessed!  I'm praying for this.  Oh, and Steve Hardy, tell Julie that if I am around I will join the parade with my wheelchair, she should have a parade in her honor!

03/24/19 02:38 PM #1541    


Victor DePaulis

Jussica, a bery happ-y belated birthday to you! I think Bob may be onto something withnthe August prognostication! Here in the northwoods of Wisconsin the melt is working out fairly well, thank goodness. That was a LOT of snow!!! I'll keep an eye on our communications and hope to get togather at some time. The kids from Spain will be visiting mid-June for a few weeks.

03/24/19 02:39 PM #1542    


Victor DePaulis

Doggone it! Sorry for the misspelling Jessica! 

03/29/19 01:21 PM #1543    


David Frazer

Vic, only a misspelling?  I think I apologize two or three times a day just for the ones I catch. I blame my phone texts' mispellings on my big thumbs.  Hope everyone is enjoying this sunny weather! 

03/31/19 09:36 AM #1544    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

Thought this posted earlier, but am not seeing it and wanted to make sure the invite got out! A group of us are going out to see the Rockin' Hollywoods at Withrow Ballroom on Friday April 5th 8pm. Would love to see you there! We will save some tables so let me k ow if you think you're going to make it!

04/02/19 04:53 PM #1545    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

Sorry, looks like we are going to have to cancel our Friday Get Together. We will try another time soon!! Take care and Hugs for all!

04/04/19 09:16 AM #1546    


David Frazer

I am enjoying the birds; yesterday I saw a goose on the grass, laying on it's back, looking like it was sunbathing, while another one sat by.  Then to see the sun bouncing off a mallard duck; the green color stood out; and we don't have to mention the fat robbins who are "bob-bob- bobbin along..... "  Bob, you might say I'm "for the birds."  How many grew up hearing that statement all the time? (This might be a reflection on my childhood).   Does anyone know the origin?  Blessings! 

04/05/19 06:12 PM #1547    


Steven Kaufhold

hey Dave, it sounds like it may have been a loose goose... and with the nice weather and Friday as well, I am sure ready to cut loose... I imagine many from our HS flock feel the same... birds of a feather?

04/06/19 10:43 AM #1548    


David Frazer

Sorry Steve!  Those puns flew right over my head. :)

04/22/19 12:40 AM #1549    


Douglas Kladis

Spring is here, I made the first step in my move to Prescott AZ, I soled my house and temperairly renting an appartment in Cottonwood AZ while I waiting on the builders to get er going on my house hope everyone had a happy Easter 

04/22/19 07:30 AM #1550    


Susan McGahn (Hetland)

Congrats Doug, I hope you are having a ball!! I hope it is everything you could want. I love hearing people's GOOD news!!! Happy spring everyone!! Stay healthy and happy.

04/25/19 10:04 PM #1551    


Steve Campos



Hey folks, spoke to Mark Sporlien today at Park car show and he mentioned this year is our 45th year!  I posted this message back in December, hoping Jeff Dubois would see it.  Here is what I posted:

“Jeffrey Dubois, so glad you are heading up the next class reunion, thanks!!. It was enjoyable being on the committee for the 35th and Tim Shannon and I were glad many came to the 40th at the Car Bar we set up.

Just so you know Jeffrey, we had a collection at the end of the 40th reunion and I still have the $200 that we collected and can be used for the upcoming 45th.  I will kick in $50 more so you can start off with $250. Just let me know how to get that to you.” Hope to hear from him about ideas, if any.  Otherwise, the Red Barn is always available if we just need a venue to get-together. Hope you all are having a great spring!  Steve C



05/01/19 10:46 AM #1552    


David Frazer

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future.... I can't believe a 30 year old (Steve Miller) at that time in his life recognized time slipping so fast.  Here we are 45 years past walking in Aldrich Arena.  Next week, my kids talked me into walking again; they think I need the exercise.  Proves my point, I'm not too bright to start working a new position that is unsettling; even participating in the graduation ceremony is unsettling.  Well, one year retired was fun.  Anyone else up to something new (besides Doug- congratulations Doug!!!)?

05/16/19 08:55 AM #1553    


David Frazer

So, where is everyone hiding?  Facebook?

05/17/19 07:38 AM #1554    


Tom Birkholm

All were out enjoying summer yesterday and now preparing for fall:)

Hope all is going well with you Dave.




05/17/19 01:20 PM #1555    

Kevin Girard

Still hanging out in Houston, TX. Although we are looking at moving back to St. Croix VI. More to come!

05/17/19 01:32 PM #1556    


David Frazer

Thanks Kevin and Tom!  I thought we had summer last week, one of those days. :)  And Kevin, there is no snow in the Virgin Islands, is there?  I have pollen problems these last few weeks; anyone else having hard time seeing/breathing/nose?  Hey, I know.  We can have a place as we age for old people's behavior.  Hypochondria?  Over the years, I have heard the worst of old people’s bathroom behaviors, sex escapades, surgeries, illnesses and more.  Will there be someone there to listen to my personal complaints 15 years from now?  I pray my wife Sue is around. Poor Sue.

05/19/19 03:37 PM #1557    


Douglas Kladis

Hey Kevin, I use to live there in Houston in a place called Spring where I did finsh high school and lived there till about 1984.  How is that supper hot muggy city doing theses days 

05/24/19 05:30 PM #1558    


David Frazer

Doug, what do you do for this holiday week end?

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