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07/28/19 03:18 PM #1590    


Steve Hardy

Veronica Borowicz (Moen)I'm sorry to say that Veronica Borowics (Moen) passed away from cancer in March of 2019.

I remember her as a very good natured person with a sweet smile.

We'll miss you, Veronica!

07/28/19 03:26 PM #1591    


Steve Hardy

I found this notification at the Kok Funeral Home website today.  I hate to bring more sad news, but Robin (I always remembered him as "Dale) passed away just this past Friday.

Robin Dale Gustafson

DECEMBER 22, 1955 ~ JULY 26, 2019 (AGE 63)

Robin Dale Gustafson, age 63, of St. Paul Park, passed away peacefully on Friday, July 26, 2019.

Son of Robert and Janet (Elton) Gustafson was born on December 22, 1955, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He grew up in South Minneapolis attending the same elementary school as his father. Briefly, Rob lived in Brainerd and then settled in Cottage Grove attending Park High School. Rob served in the National Guard for several years. He and his long time significant other, Margie Grovenberg, had a daughter, Sandra Jean Gustafson. Rob was interested in hunting, fishing, and boating. He also enjoyed owning a variety of cars and reading car magazines. Some of the many jobs he held included truck driver, security guard, and personal care attendant.

Rob is survived by his parents, Bob and Jan; daughter Sandra; and a variety of family members. Preceded in death by brother, Rodney.

Memorial Service 11:00 AM with visitation beginning at 10:00 AM, Monday, August 12, 2019 at Kok Funeral Home, 7676 80th St. S., Cottage Grove, Minnesota, 55016. In lieu of flowers, memorials are preferred.

08/16/19 08:59 AM #1592    

Kathleen Kullmann

I found this on YouTube this morning.  1974 Greatest Hits Playlist.  Not sure if I agree with all of the songs but it was interesting to listen to. 



08/20/19 02:29 PM #1593    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

Hey Classmates! I am getting several mail returns from the class reunion invites. Please update this website and get any changes to me at so I can send you an invite. We need a head count by 9/5/19. Thanks!

08/21/19 03:59 PM #1594    


David Frazer

Thanks Kathy for the music; I began to listen... I will finish later.  I am always thankful for growing up at a time when folk music/rock/blues/ jazz and blues (Think Steeley Dan), etc. could be heard on my transistor radio. Did anyone have for their first transistor one that was a Rocketship?   Yvette, I am mailing my check today.  Looking forward to the time in October (remember the song,  "try to remember the kind of September." ? :)  Back to work!  Blessings on everyone enjoying this great weather!

08/29/19 08:55 AM #1595    


David Frazer

Does it make anyone paranoid when they say something or post a response, and no one answers for days? Weeks? Months? Did you say something? 😊

Kathy, do you remember this often-heard song, “Paranoia strikes deep, Into your life it will creep, it starts when you're always afraid…”  😊 (Buffalo Springfield, 1966, “For What It’s Worth- Did anyone else own any of their records?). 

08/29/19 01:06 PM #1596    


Michael Wade

There's something happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear
There's a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware


08/30/19 02:08 AM #1597    


Douglas Kladis

I got a good reason for loving you
It's an old fashioned sign
I kinda get the feelin' like mmm you know when
I fell in love the first time.
Kind woman
Won't you love me tonight
The look in your eyes
Kind woman
Don't leave me lonely tonight
Please say it's all right

08/30/19 07:31 AM #1598    


David Frazer

Michael, I thought you would have posted one of first songs that I couldn’t play well on the guitar, “So your brother's bound and gagged And they've chained him to a chair Won't you please come to Chicago just to sing In a land that's known as freedom how can such a thing be fair, Won't you please come to Chicago for the help that we can bring We can change the world rearrange the world It's dying - to get better Politicians…”   In fact, I was hoping you would have and then we could have taken that as an invite to your house. The tie in with that song is, of course, Crosby, Stills, Nash, And Young (Stills and Young from Buffalo Springfield). 😊

And Doug, Thanks for that Richie Furay song (Furay and Messina were in Buffalo Springfield)… I heard a song after a Lamaze class in 1984 for my second child (who gave birth a month ago to granddaughter Adeline).  I asked the hospital worker to play the credits to see if I was right at recognizing Furay’s voice.  The song was full of life and they played a part every time a baby was born in the film (one of his early new found Christian faith songs).  We used to song tie-ins while running for hours… to keep occupied.  Seldom can our generation not connect and connect and…  Have a BLESSED LABOR DAY WEEKEND!



08/30/19 05:06 PM #1599    


Steven Kaufhold

I'd probably recognize most of Buffalo Springfield if I heard it

up here we have AM 740 WDGY with 60s and 70s

how about this one that's probably been "played into the ground"?

"Woman oh woman
Have you got cheating on your mind, on your mind"

name that band


08/30/19 06:42 PM #1600    


Brent Reimnitz

Gary Puckett and the Union Gap.

08/30/19 08:32 PM #1601    


David Frazer

Steve Hardy used to play that song all the time when we were challenging each other in playing pool for a couple of hours a night.  "Mercy," that was a long time ago. Steve, speaking of Steve Hardy, he used to do a mean rendition of a Uriah Heap song. So, Brent, did you have the record of Gary P? Album or single?

08/31/19 07:57 PM #1602    


Brent Reimnitz

Had (maybe still have) their greatest hits album.  The Uriah Heap song was maybe Easy Livin'.




08/31/19 08:47 PM #1603    

Robert Ayre

Hello fellow classmates! Looking forward to our reunion on Oct. 5th. Yvette and I need your help in contacting as many fellow classmates that you stay in touch with letting them know of the reunion,date, time
the,place, etc. We sent out over 400 invites to whom we had somewhat correct addresses, but still could use your help please. We have some fun things planned. Thank you all very much! Bob

09/02/19 12:10 PM #1604    

Karen Fields (Anderson)

Thanks for organizing the 45th class reunion.


John and I will be attending - looking forward to seeing everyone.


Thank you

09/02/19 03:04 PM #1605    


David Frazer

Look forward to seeing everyone in a month!  Congratulations Steve Bildeback on retiring! 

09/04/19 08:17 AM #1606    


Mary Ann Etzler (Etzler-Phillips)

Hey everyone!

Now that Hurricane Dorian has made its presence known and is headed on out, I'm hoping that another storm will not stop me from attending the reunion in October! Tickets are purchased and prayting there is no early winter storm up there (or down here) to keep me away. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

I had to cancel a trip to TX for a family reunion this past weekend thinking we were going to be in the middle of the hurricane.  Gratefully, the storm's eye and hurricane force winds stayed off-shore in our area-tho we were prepared for the full force if it came our way.  We dodged a bullet but the Bahamas are devastated. 

It will take years for the northern Bahamanian islands to recover and likely months just to complete rescue and recovery.  Islands are underwater 5-15 feet, and will take time for it to receed.  Planes can't land as the runways are still underwater.  Preliminary reports are that buildings have been leveled just like in Mexico City Beach, FL, last year (due to Hurricane Michael, another cat 5 storm).  Getting supplies to people and setting up temporary shelters/homes is a massive undertaking.   Please pray for the people in the Bahamas, the rescue workers, and the emergency care givers as the tasks are daunting.  If any of you are part of service groups, please volunteer to help rebuild, fundraise to purchase supplies necessary to rebuild (I think the Fuller Center for Housing may be putting together a plan) or participate in clean up.  Until you've seen it and walked with the people whose lives have been destroyed, it is hard to understand the devastation of property and the impact on the survivors.  My husband and I have both been involved in clean up or rebuilds after hurricanes and it is absolutely depressing when you realize how massive the destruction is and how much effort is required to help get people back into a home of any sort.

09/04/19 06:47 PM #1607    

Jeanette Austin (Hawkanson)

Hi fellow classmates.  I will not be able to attend the reunion.  Have lots of fun!


09/06/19 08:34 AM #1608    


David Frazer

Mary Ann, I still can't believe what the Bahamas look like now.  Sue and I "Won" a trip to the Bahamas back in the mid-nineties and I remember how flat the island was...

Jeanette, we will miss seeing you!  How well has the hip healed?

09/06/19 08:53 AM #1609    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

Hey Classmates! It's not too late to register for the Class Reunion on October 5th! Send me an email or text me at: 651-253-7641 or We are going to have a great turnout, so please join us if you haven't already decided to come

09/06/19 09:15 AM #1610    

Thomas Cockriel

Happy birthday Dave

09/08/19 12:50 AM #1611    


Douglas Kladis

Hey Congratulations Steve Bildeback on retiring, I just 2nd that anyone making it this far in life some of us just lucky that we made it here, as some of you might know I will not make to the reunion I having a house built in Prescott AZ, lot of things just going on hope you will post photos  saw some of you all a few years and that was supper cool hope this shin dig goes well for everyone


Thanks Much Doug 

09/08/19 04:41 PM #1612    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

I want to say a special Thank you to Bob Ayre! He has been helping me with organizing our 45th Class Reunion on October 5th! If you haven't signed up yet, I encourage you to do so! We have some fun things planned.... guaranteed to change things up a little for a great 45th memory!

09/10/19 01:20 PM #1613    


Diana Medford

I'm not sure if this is where I post this. I won't be going to the Oct 5th reunion. I hope you all enjoy yourselves that day. Diana

09/12/19 07:54 AM #1614    


Karen Romanchuk (Garaghty)

Hi Yvette, I dont think I will be making the reunion. I'm still not sure how this site works, so I do apologize if I dont answer messages correctly! To all class mates going....enjoy,enjoy enjoy!

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