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08/31/19 08:47 PM #1603    

Robert Ayre

Hello fellow classmates! Looking forward to our reunion on Oct. 5th. Yvette and I need your help in contacting as many fellow classmates that you stay in touch with letting them know of the reunion,date, time
the,place, etc. We sent out over 400 invites to whom we had somewhat correct addresses, but still could use your help please. We have some fun things planned. Thank you all very much! Bob

09/02/19 12:10 PM #1604    

Karen Fields (Anderson)

Thanks for organizing the 45th class reunion.


John and I will be attending - looking forward to seeing everyone.


Thank you

09/02/19 03:04 PM #1605    


David Frazer

Look forward to seeing everyone in a month!  Congratulations Steve Bildeback on retiring! 

09/04/19 08:17 AM #1606    


Mary Ann Etzler (Etzler-Phillips)

Hey everyone!

Now that Hurricane Dorian has made its presence known and is headed on out, I'm hoping that another storm will not stop me from attending the reunion in October! Tickets are purchased and prayting there is no early winter storm up there (or down here) to keep me away. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

I had to cancel a trip to TX for a family reunion this past weekend thinking we were going to be in the middle of the hurricane.  Gratefully, the storm's eye and hurricane force winds stayed off-shore in our area-tho we were prepared for the full force if it came our way.  We dodged a bullet but the Bahamas are devastated. 

It will take years for the northern Bahamanian islands to recover and likely months just to complete rescue and recovery.  Islands are underwater 5-15 feet, and will take time for it to receed.  Planes can't land as the runways are still underwater.  Preliminary reports are that buildings have been leveled just like in Mexico City Beach, FL, last year (due to Hurricane Michael, another cat 5 storm).  Getting supplies to people and setting up temporary shelters/homes is a massive undertaking.   Please pray for the people in the Bahamas, the rescue workers, and the emergency care givers as the tasks are daunting.  If any of you are part of service groups, please volunteer to help rebuild, fundraise to purchase supplies necessary to rebuild (I think the Fuller Center for Housing may be putting together a plan) or participate in clean up.  Until you've seen it and walked with the people whose lives have been destroyed, it is hard to understand the devastation of property and the impact on the survivors.  My husband and I have both been involved in clean up or rebuilds after hurricanes and it is absolutely depressing when you realize how massive the destruction is and how much effort is required to help get people back into a home of any sort.

09/04/19 06:47 PM #1607    

Jeanette Austin (Hawkanson)

Hi fellow classmates.  I will not be able to attend the reunion.  Have lots of fun!


09/06/19 08:34 AM #1608    


David Frazer

Mary Ann, I still can't believe what the Bahamas look like now.  Sue and I "Won" a trip to the Bahamas back in the mid-nineties and I remember how flat the island was...

Jeanette, we will miss seeing you!  How well has the hip healed?

09/06/19 08:53 AM #1609    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

Hey Classmates! It's not too late to register for the Class Reunion on October 5th! Send me an email or text me at: 651-253-7641 or We are going to have a great turnout, so please join us if you haven't already decided to come

09/06/19 09:15 AM #1610    

Thomas Cockriel

Happy birthday Dave

09/08/19 12:50 AM #1611    


Douglas Kladis

Hey Congratulations Steve Bildeback on retiring, I just 2nd that anyone making it this far in life some of us just lucky that we made it here, as some of you might know I will not make to the reunion I having a house built in Prescott AZ, lot of things just going on hope you will post photos  saw some of you all a few years and that was supper cool hope this shin dig goes well for everyone


Thanks Much Doug 

09/08/19 04:41 PM #1612    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

I want to say a special Thank you to Bob Ayre! He has been helping me with organizing our 45th Class Reunion on October 5th! If you haven't signed up yet, I encourage you to do so! We have some fun things planned.... guaranteed to change things up a little for a great 45th memory!

09/10/19 01:20 PM #1613    


Diana Medford

I'm not sure if this is where I post this. I won't be going to the Oct 5th reunion. I hope you all enjoy yourselves that day. Diana

09/12/19 07:54 AM #1614    


Karen Romanchuk (Garaghty)

Hi Yvette, I dont think I will be making the reunion. I'm still not sure how this site works, so I do apologize if I dont answer messages correctly! To all class mates going....enjoy,enjoy enjoy!

09/12/19 01:59 PM #1615    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

Hi Karen! Sorry to hear you can't make it! If something changes, feel free to drop by last minute if that's the case! We'd love to see you! Hope you are well..

09/23/19 10:03 PM #1616    

Robert Ayre

Special thank you to you Yvette for all you have done in putting this reunion together. I am sure it is going to be a fun night with what we have planned. If anyone has not responded you are still very welcome to come. Please contact Yvette ASAP. Looking forward to seeing everyone! Bob

09/24/19 10:15 PM #1617    


David Frazer

Thanks Yvette and Bob and others!  Looking forward to the time.

10/03/19 02:45 PM #1618    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

Just a reminder that our 45th Class Reunion is coming up fast! Happening this Saturday October 5th at 6:30p.m. at the VFW Red Barn in Cottage Grove. It's not to late to sign up! 651-253-7641 Please disregard any Facebook invites that are still out there! See you soon!

10/03/19 08:50 PM #1619    


Dennis Duff

Looking forward to seeing many of you too bad we've lost some since the last reunion, my wife has changed her mind and will be joining me although she went to Concordia she knew most of our classmates. Here's my surprise that I had mentioned to Dave Frazer too cool to keep secret.

10/03/19 09:16 PM #1620    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

Very cool! Glad your wife decided to join us! See you soon!

10/04/19 04:15 PM #1621    


Mary Ann Etzler (Etzler-Phillips)

Hubby and i are headed up tomorrow.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.  Yvette, is there any special attire for the event?

-Mary Ann





10/04/19 05:02 PM #1622    


Yvette Fuchs (Nierenhausen)

Casual attire. See you tomorrow!

10/06/19 08:26 AM #1623    


Dennis Duff

Had a woderful time at the reunion! for the people who asked I got the T-Shirt with the Diploma cover on it from 

Circle Of Apparel, 1215 Arcade St East St. Paul, Mn 55106  Ph# 651-774-1443

10/06/19 04:58 PM #1624    


David Frazer

Thanks Yvette, Francene, and Bob for all you did to make the reunion great (and anyone else).  I also appreciated all the work the "kids" did and their costumes!  The only problem was that I was exhausted and was tired this morning.  How many more years before we have to be done by 6:00 pm so we can make our bedtime?  Again, thank you!

10/06/19 05:52 PM #1625    


Victor DePaulis

Had a fantastic time at our reunion! Thank you all so much! PLEASE spread thanks arounf to ALL who had a part in putting this together! So many friends, so .little time. Good to be able to at least catch up with a few anyway!!!

10/07/19 07:24 AM #1626    


Patricia L. Origer (McDowell)

Job Well Done!  Thanks to all of you folks that worked so very hard to make our 45th such a success!  I, like so many others had a really good time.  I look forward to our next one and pray that our “ Memory Board” numbers don’t increase.  It really is difficult to see, just how many incredible individuals we have lost thus far.  See you at our 50th!





10/07/19 08:33 AM #1627    


Mary Lou DeForth (Hosler)

I, too, would like to thank all those involved in organizing our 45th ... and for the many classmates who traveled near and far to make the evening so memorable.  It is always good to take time and return to our roots ... remember and reflect on the years that brought us together ... we are all so richly blessed.  I also want to thank Steve Hardy for maintaining this website so we can all stay in touch and informed.  

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