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01/07/20 07:51 PM #1703    

Robert Ayre

Dave I think if you add raisins then it is call ants on a log.

01/08/20 08:42 AM #1704    


David Frazer

Bob, that brings up my favorite question.  What is the worst thing you or anyone from the class of 1974 have eaten? Ants? I was never able to beat my great uncle's lamb eyeballs (besides being the first Indiana Jones, he was a Monument men).  Adding to the meal was the fact he would have been killed if he did not eat them (for insulting the chief who offered them- a chapter in the book, Quataban and Sheba: exploration of ancient spice routes). My personal worst were health risk(s), i.e., watching unclean-nasty hands in Iraq at a “backyard barbecue” grab cut tomatoes (quarter size) and put the fist-full on my plate.

01/08/20 08:59 PM #1705    


Steven Kaufhold

What have I eaten? My daughter kept telling me to try sushi... so I did... eh... my wife and I are on a salmon kick - which is not unusual... and if it's the right sauce, it's great

01/08/20 10:13 PM #1706    


Jessica Aasved

Sushi?  I love sushi.  There are some unusual textures, but - other than smoked eel - I have enjoyed all varieties.  
Unusual thing to eat?  I have tried Durian (the notoriously fragrant fruit from SE Asia).  In contrast to the aroma, the taste was mild, but with an odd distinct oniony/garlicky aftertaste.  Texture was a creamy custard.  

Probably the worst thing I've ever eaten was an unfortunately uncoordinated Junebug that managed to fly into my mouth while riding a bike.  I had to swallow it, and I STILL remember the feel of those scratchy feet going down!!  Ack!  Still makes me shudder!  Ha!




01/14/20 02:19 PM #1707    


David Frazer

Steve, I enjoy pronouncing Salmon with the ‘l’ in there; after all, if they went thru all the work to put an ‘L’ there, I am going to say it.  Besides, I enjoy people who feel they have to teach me the “right way” of pronouncing ‘Sallllmon.’

   Jessica, the food you mentioned does sound like unique textures.  My mother would pull the frozen bread out of the freezer (we had six in our family: mom was married at 14 years old, then at 15, 16, 17, 19, 21, 25 she had each of us kids).  The bread was half frozen and she would make a sandwich and send me to school with the lunch.  Anything resembling the texture of that wet, soggy bread still makes me gag.

   I wonder about your taste now that you inspired me to look up Durian. wink  “The smell evokes reactions from deep appreciation to intense disgust, and has been described variously as rotten onions, turpentine, and raw sewage. The persistence of its odour, which may linger for several days, has led to the fruit's banishment from certain hotels and public transportation in southeast Asia.”  Did you undersell the smell because you wanted to trick us into eating it? Thank you both for challenging us!

01/15/20 09:03 PM #1708    


Steven Kaufhold

Ah yes, Dave, cherish those soggy memories. And since they went to all the trouble of putting an E on the end of your name, we should pronounce it, Davee

01/16/20 07:49 AM #1709    


David Frazer

You might say, Steve, Davee likes Sa'l'mon. But then, if you looked at my girth... what doesn't Davee like? Wet bread.surprise Hope no one is offended by teasing. My male dog Andre has been learning how to tease GiGi by taking her toys. She is troubled and came this morning to put her paw in my hand and to sit downtroddened.

01/18/20 07:01 PM #1710    


John Cavanaugh

Just in case our classmates that have moved to warmer climates forgot what winter is like.  Here is a image from Cloquet after our latest winter storm.  Stay warm everybody.

01/19/20 09:00 AM #1711    


Becky Dally (Peek)

Thanks for the reminder John!  Reinforces my belief that moving south was the right thing to do.  Today we will be working on getting our garden ready for planting!

01/19/20 11:31 AM #1712    


David Frazer

Becky, do they have buried treasure down south? I sometimes wonder how that might look like.  Aaarrrgghh Matey, I love to tell out of staters who have never experienced looking for real buried treasure that I will be looking.  Today was the first clue in the paper.  $ 10,000 dollars is worth taking a vacation to look for buried treasure.  I feel like a pirate. This years button has a light. John, enjoy what storms mean to northerners.... staying home by the fire place, with your love of your life, dogs laying next to you, and reading a good book.

01/20/20 08:41 AM #1713    

Robert Ayre

Well Dave while you look for the treasure I will look for the fountain of youth! Ha! I just realized it is right in front of me called snow and frozen tundra. So I freeze and get thawed out looking the same in 5 years for our next reunion.

01/20/20 08:46 AM #1714    

Robert Ayre

Our gardens are called icsicles. Thet grow downward from the roof tops. How many of you used to break them off and eat them or have a sword fight. Stay warm! The abominable snowman!

01/29/20 10:51 PM #1715    


Steve Hardy

Deborah Davidson (Shir)I'm sorry to pass on the news that Deborah Davidson Shir passed away Wednesday of this week.  Special thanks to Jill Erickson Liberko for letting us know.

01/30/20 01:39 PM #1716    

Thomas Cockriel

Geez you all. It was 81 here today

01/31/20 09:55 AM #1717    


Victor DePaulis

As January comes to a close, I hope that everyone has had a good start to 2020. For you, Tom, and all who are in the habit of avoiding winter, I can only share the misery you'll miss of falling off my damn ladder breaking 10 ribs! But I'll take this over 81 and bees (my other recent adverse event-got stung 30 times a bit over a year ago.). On the lighter side, no more snow removal for me this yearcrying I'll miss that soooo muchangel

02/02/20 04:07 PM #1718    

Robert Ayre

Always sad news to hear of the loss of another classmate. My condolences to her family and friends. To those in the warmer climates, we were up to 40+ degrees today and I saw people running in shorts and short sleeved shirts. One day reprieve.
Another month closer to summer.

02/02/20 04:12 PM #1719    

Robert Ayre

Sounds like a rib barbecue at Victor's house! Wrong ladder to climb to success Vic. However I wish you a speedy recovery! Besides you already fell once for Margo. Next time just get her flowers for Valentine's!

02/03/20 11:03 AM #1720    


Victor DePaulis

Too funny Bob! 

02/06/20 10:52 AM #1721    


Steve Hardy

Please check out Marvin Schuster's profile.  A Go Fund Me page has been set up for his medical bills. 
Here is Marvin Schuster's GoFundMe info:

02/09/20 08:01 PM #1722    


Daniel Sopkowiak

I know it had been a lonng time since i visited this page. just to add a little flavor the most exotic thing i had in my mouth was Muktuk. ( whale blubber and skin ) Ex wife called it eskimo bubble gum.

As far as the winters in Spokane it can thow either way, I have only touched a shovel twice this year and both times it wasn't over 3" but in other years!


02/12/20 11:23 PM #1723    


Marvin G. Schuster

Hi Fellow Classmates

I don't get on here much but at this time I would like to thank Yvette Nierenhausen , Steve Hardy, Mike Lebeau ,Vicki Carlson and Bob Ayre and anyone elso who may donate to my Go Fund , I really do  appreciate it.. God Bless to all . Thank You All

02/13/20 01:56 PM #1724    

Thomas Cockriel

Dang Vic, thathas to be most all of them. Ive broken 1 here and there. Can't imagine 10. As my wife would say, "Did you learn anything"?

02/15/20 07:38 AM #1725    


Jeffery DuBois

Hi Vic - That hurts !  But it could have been worse?  I wish for you a speedy recovery!

02/15/20 07:13 PM #1726    


David Frazer

For some reason the automatic reminders stop working a few times a year.  This means I fail to look up the site when I sit (I usually write my client notes or/and fall asleep). So, I am shocked with all that I miss in a few weeks. Vic sorry about your fall!  Do the ribs hurt when you laugh at Bob's puns?  Praying for Marvin; Steve thanks for calling me so I might be about praying for Marvin.  Sorry to hear about Deb Davidson Shir. Praying for her family.

02/18/20 06:28 PM #1727    


Brent Reimnitz

Just a reminder for all our warm weather friends and John and Daniel (just showing the nasty side of winter).  Minnestoa winters have their good times too.

View from our deck after a heavy frost about a week ago:



View this morning after a light snow last night:


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