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02/25/21 07:16 AM #1864    


Thomas Cockriel

Ted, did you bring the bike on the trip?

02/26/21 11:12 AM #1865    


Theodore Williams



Tom.  If you're referring to the BMW, no.   Sold it.  But we brought 2 Rad Rover E bikes by Rad Power Bikes  


02/27/21 06:49 AM #1866    


Becky Dally (Peek)

Spent the day hanging out with Tom Cockriel yesterday.  Shared a lot of good memories and laughter.  So good to see you Tom.  Let's do it again soon!

02/27/21 04:24 PM #1867    


David Frazer

I just looked at the pictures and responses; LOL! Thanks for blessing me with you smiles! Steve, with the news that you took caution with the warm weather. Blessings!

03/29/21 07:58 AM #1868    


David Frazer

So, a month has passed since the last person posted, so I'm going to step out with a topic(s) of concern. Just as I suspected, it is the fault of facebook. Anyone get a call from a scammer (possibly blackmail) with your voice recorded from the phone - possibly blue tooth with the car? This world became exactly what we heard and read about. Thank you Dick Tracy. I'm thinking of starting a support group for those that are growing weary and are suspect of Google making over 60 million dollars a day (I just couldn't get myself to believe the real numbers so I lowered the amount).

wink All kidding aside, what precautions do you take?

03/30/21 09:10 AM #1869    


Douglas Kladis

Thanks Dave, this form has slowed down some since I frist loged on.  To many good loving people have passed I guess.  Ya it is a scray world out there I even heard auto insurance company though your smart phone keep tabs on your drving can't get away with anything anymore 

03/30/21 02:32 PM #1870    

Robert Ayre

Well hello silent world.i know there are many that learned how to read but forgot how to talk/write. Go back and listen to the song in the year 2525. You will find a lot of true things.
I am wishing all the April birthdays a very happy one. Let's have some kind of get together this summer outside.

03/31/21 09:23 AM #1871    


Steven Bilderback

I'm all in for a summer outing. smiley

You know you’re getting older when you’re told to slow down from your doctor and not the police.

03/31/21 11:09 AM #1872    


Thomas Cockriel

Was great spending a few hours With Becky and Steve last month in the Tampa area. She was always the best and still is. 

04/02/21 10:06 PM #1873    

Steve Hardy

David Stringer

Debbie Stringer Videen sent me a note concerning David's passing.

"The good Lord took another classmate. My brother David passed on March 31st after 8 long years of battling Cancer."

David was a great guy.  Another friend with whom I wish I had sought him out more when the opportunity was present.  Prayers and blessings for his siblings and family.

04/03/21 10:42 AM #1874    

Robert Ayre

My sincere condolences to the Stringer family. Wishing everyone peace and comfort, now with God.

04/07/21 01:03 PM #1875    


Daniel Sopkowiak

In referance to Davids question. I start by not answering calls I don't have a name for the number. If it is important they can leave a message, then I know who they are and will call back. Any thing they may try to blackmail me for I will own up to because it is possiably true. I have had them try the one were the kids are in jail and send the bail, doesn't work because I believe you did something wrong you pay the price so no bail money here. The worst one is when they called my mom and told here it was a grandkid so she calls me and I know it was fake so I told her it was fake and even if it was true let them sit there and pay the price.

As far as tracking me with my phone let them. Maybe last year there could of been some trouble when I drove back to Minnesota and stopped in the Sturgis area for a few days the week after the rally or when i ran over 100 on Montana two lane hiways to pass semi's ( boy that challenger is fun) . Other then that it has been all pretty much Covid restrictions work home shopping.    

04/08/21 08:21 AM #1876    


David Frazer

Thanks Daniel. I chuckled. I told someone who was in prison years ago, we all deserve to be in prison. Where was the guy when the rulers and scribes presented to Jesus the woman caught in adultery? How did he get away? Jesus' answer was forgiveness. I received and receive so much forgiveness from Him. Not too much forgiveness in this world. Speaking of the heavenly world, I am sorry for the Stringer family loss of David to this world.

04/08/21 01:04 PM #1877    

Susan Orth (Orth)

I think it has been a year since I posted anything, but I do enjoy reading what the rest of you have been up to. Well, with the exception of classmates passing. My prayers go out to their families.
I'm still here in Colorado and enjoying my life living with my son, daughter in law and 3 precious grandchildren.(also including my cat and great grand cat) Life is the happiest it has ever been, despite all of my injuries.
I am truly blessed!
If anyone gets out this way, let me know and we can get together.
I hope everyone has a wonderful spring/summer and is able to enjoy the outdoors more than last summer. Bless you and your loved ones!

04/09/21 09:51 AM #1878    

Diane Klug (Gunter)

I agree with you Susan Orth I do enjoy reading what everyone is doing.

It saddens me to hear of dear friends passing. But knowing they are resting in GOD'S hands brings peace.

04/09/21 07:41 PM #1879    


David Frazer

I keep thinking, where is Donna to plan a barbecue? Eating at a Heavenly banquet. So, if anyone has a nice park or... some of us could get together and eat a delicious can of beans and potatoe salad. Just saying.... Have a great weekend eveyone!

04/10/21 10:01 AM #1880    


Linda Bauer (Martin)

Hi all, happy to be emerging from the pandemic! Had my first dose of the vaccine, and spent Easter outside enjoying the warm sunshine with our daughter’s family. After cancelling 2 vacations last summer, my husband and I have now rescheduled our trip to Mackinac Island, Michigan for Aug. Hope all of you have a vacation planned for this summer as well!

04/11/21 02:55 PM #1881    


David Frazer

Linda, Thanks for sharing your vacation plans. Anyone else have plans? I just spent a week in Indiana (my son and his family, my daughter and her family).  My soon to be four year old grandson climbed a rock-climbing wall and then at about 25 -30 feet pushed off the wall and jumped into the foam pit. Impressive, but don't know if I liked a 3 year old doing that...  Doug, Maybe we can all come down to Dewey, Arizona for a barbecue?

04/12/21 09:57 AM #1882    


Steven Kaufhold

Mackinac is great for a bike ride..
And the scenery in upper Michigan is beautiful..
We were there years ago and rented a tandem bike..

04/12/21 07:04 PM #1883    


Linda Bauer (Martin)

Yes, we seem to let the grandkids get by with doing things that we wouldn't let our own kids do. And thanks for the insight on Mackinac, Steve. Hoping our time on the island will be rain-free, and bike riding is a wonderful idea. We've never been to Mackinac, but it's been on our bucket list for a long time.

04/13/21 11:15 AM #1884    


Thomas Cockriel

Dave, wife and I rented a house on the beach north end of the Outer Banks, NC. End of June. 3rd year doing it. Great time

04/13/21 05:10 PM #1885    


David Frazer

Tom. Have a great time! I can only imagine. Sometimes I think of when Chaplain Jimmy Carter rented rooms facing the beach in South Carolina by Hilton Head. Navy MWR. He paid 15 dollars (1989) a night. Here it is 32 years later and.... I wonder if they are still available for soldiers and retirees. He told me then that you could walk right out onto the beach. I really need to travel and relax.

04/14/21 10:04 AM #1886    

Roxanne Binder (Kidder)

David, it sounds as though you deserve to have some time to travel and relax. I hope you get to. You are such a blessing. Thank you for all you are doing to try to keep us connected. 

04/14/21 10:55 AM #1887    


Theodore Williams

Just got back a week ago from RVing mostly in Florida since 1/3.   What's with this cold weather here? 

04/14/21 11:29 AM #1888    


Steven Kaufhold

Deb and I will probably bring the bikes down to Lanesboro MN as soon as it warms up.

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