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Please help us to keep this a paid site, free from the pesky advertisements. (Unfortunately, we don't get any money from them!)

Welcome to the St Paul Park High Class Of 1974 web site.



Welcome to the website!


A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!  Check out some of the Christmas stories shared by our classmates in the message forum!  I'm sure they will bring back memories!


Also, check out the 40 year reunion photos! If anyone wants to post a photo, you're welcome to do so! We had a great time reconnecting with old friends and celebrating our proud heritage through the centennial celebration for Park High School!


This website isn't about waistlines, hairlines, or credit lines.  It's about reconnecting with friends from some of the best years of your lives -

It's about caring for your classmates and their families.

If you know of a classmate that is not aware of this website, send them a link.  The website will only grow with increased participation.


This website is a work in progress and your input and suggestions are welcomed.  We will be adding additional content and features.  If you have suggestions or want to identify an issue, please use the "Contact Us" link on the left.  This will generate an E-Mail to the site administrator who will no doubt drop whatever they are doing and respond to your input.  When revisiting the site, don't forget to scroll down this page to check for updated features denoted in red.

 In order to get the maximum benefit and enjoyment from this site, please take a moment and create your login/password and fill in the information in your "Detail" and "Profile" pages.  Ladies:  Please register under your maiden name (married name can be added during the profile updating process).


If you look at the "Classmate Profiles" page, you will note that some names have a symbol  next to them.

  •      The ** symbol identifies a deceased classmate.  If you have any information that you could share regarding the passing of this individual, please use the "Contact Us" link to provide the updated information to the site administrator.  There may be some delay in the updating of this information on the site as we would like some time to verify the information.
  •      If you are aware of the passing of a classmate, please use the "Contact Us" link to provide updated information to the site administrator.  Please provide references to any supporting data (newspaper obit, etc.).  We certainly don't want to be responsible for anyones premature demise.


12/12/2012 - Notify Me Feature

A very important new feature has been added to our class web site called "Notify Me". It replaces the former "Profile Subscriptions" function. All Classmates you were previously following are still present on the new Notify Me page. In addition you will find a variety of new options to allow you to interact with our site exactly the way you wish to. For instance you can now receive notifications by email when events like this happen on our site:

* I receive a new personal message
* Someone leaves a comment on my profile
* Pictures have been added to a photo gallery
* A Classmate has been added to In Memory
* A Classmate posts an In Memory comment
* A new reunion or event is being planned
* A new announcement has been posted
* A new Classmate joins the site
* Two or more people are in Live Chat
* Pages on the site have been added or updated
* A Missing Classmate has been found

I encourage you to log into our web site, click on the new Notify Me feature (it's the first link under Member Functions) and set your new Notification Options now. It's a great way of keeping up with our class! You can opt to receive notification messages immediately, or opt to have them grouped into one daily convenient email. The choice is yours! I hope you enjoy this new and exciting method of keeping up with our classmates and web site. Log in today and set your new Notify Me options now!


7/20/2010 - Turned on the "Missing Classmates" function.  Take a moment to click on the menu item and see if there is someone you know on the list, and let them know about the website.  Currently there are only about 8% of the class that have logged in.  Pass the word folks!


6/15/2010 - Implemented the "Live Chat" system.  This will allow you to chat with multiple classmates at once, share live webcam images, pictures, YouTube videos, etc..  When you log into the website and see that one or more classmates are also logged in, click on the "Live Chat" button and give it a try.  Once the Live Chat window opens, you will find instructions on it's use.  If you want some practice, give a classmate a call and ask them to to join you in trying the feature.


4/25/2010 - Added some photos from the 35th Class Reunion.  Page through the sheets of photos.  If you wish to see a particular picture larger, simply click on the photo.  When you click on a picture (making it larger), after a brief delay of a few seconds the remaining pictures will begin to fade in and out in a slide show format.  If you would like a complete set of reunion photos on a DVD, send a note to Meghan Zacharias-Buck at the following E-Mail address:


Meghan is making these DVD's available to classmates for just $10.00




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