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10/02/18 02:24 PM #1449    


David Frazer

Doug, I was not able to post in your site so here it is in the message forum.  Donna posted 13 days ago below (in case you missed her post).  We are all praying for you Donna!  By the way, is it just me that isn't able to post on people's sites (I will be paranoid if I am :)).


10/03/18 06:44 PM #1450    


Douglas Kladis


I was just hoping for good new on her, I got her address from a friend and sent her a card and understandably have not heard back.  Just praying for the best for her

Thanks dave

10/04/18 09:07 AM #1451    


Linda I. Myers (Deshler)

Donna, I have been terrible at getting back on this site. I’m so sorry to hear about your cancer. You are in my prayers! I was very blessed to survive my own bout with breast cancer, got a new set of perky forever boobs out of it! Praying for a healthy outcome and getting you through the chemo. May God bless you Donna and Steve, you are loved!

Linda (Myers) Deshler




10/04/18 08:04 PM #1452    


Jeffery DuBois

Hi Tari,

Just saw your posting about the reunion money. Thank you for the info! 

I plan to give you a call sometime tomorrow Friday Oct. 5th.

My phone is 651 398 7216.




10/08/18 12:51 PM #1453    

Donna Absey (Stuhr)

Good news! I will make this short and sweet. The mass in my esophigas has shrunk 50% and the lymph nodes shrunk by 1/3. Thank - you all, for the cards, well wishes and most of all prayers! 

10/09/18 05:31 AM #1454    


Douglas Kladis


Donna That is good news and we all been waiting to hear.  Our prayers will continue  


10/09/18 02:14 PM #1455    


Theodore Williams

Yes that’s great news!   Keep up whatever it is that’s working Donna.  

10/09/18 03:40 PM #1456    


Mary Walseth

Donna, that is fantastic news. Continued thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Keep your positive attitude. I haven't been on this site for quite a while. Thanks for all the ineresting comments. Hi yo all from Fargo.

10/09/18 03:41 PM #1457    


Mary Walseth

Darn fingers! Should be Hi to all from Fargo.

10/09/18 07:31 PM #1458    


Daniel Sopkowiak

Thats great news Donna, It goes to show what great things that can come from sceince and spiritual belief working together. This makes 4 out of 5 remissions in the last 8 years that i have had dealings with. 

10/10/18 02:11 AM #1459    

Deborah Flaherty (Brochman)

Donna, Good to hear the great news that your tumors are shrinking.  Try to stay positive - you got this!

Linda, Thank you for sharing your success story, it gives us hope. You have a very positive (and perky) attitude about it.

Steve, I appreciate your posting the obits of our classmates.  It's sad to see another.  We have already lost so many...way too young.  It reminds you to be thankful and not take anyone for granted. 

Jeff,  Thank you for volunteering to work on our next class reunion. I always look forward to seeing every one.  I think I have gone to all, except I missed the carbar reunion. 

Deb (Flaherty) Brochman



10/10/18 05:25 AM #1460    

Timothy Shannon

Right on Donna!! Still praying!

10/10/18 06:35 AM #1461    


Victor DePaulis

Such good news to hear Donna! Many good wishes for continued success!

10/10/18 10:13 PM #1462    


David Frazer

Donna,    Thank you for sharing the fantastic news.  I am amazed at all the responses on the site!  You are the heart and soul of the posts!  Praying to hear more continuing great news about your health!

10/11/18 05:52 AM #1463    


Denise Moore (Edgett)

Truly great news, Donna! Sending a celebratory cyber-hug your way and will continue to pray for your healing and health.

10/14/18 11:34 AM #1464    


David Frazer

Walked out of Church this morning and began to sing out loud, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” as the huge snow flakes fell.  The weather made me think again of those in the south who I have been praying; praying for the classmates who endured the hurricane Michael.  I pray everything is all right and good.  Then I think of Donna and add my prayers about her health and recovery.  Those snowflakes are simple things; my prayers are simple too; the begging to our Father in heaven is not.  Praying blessings for all of our classmates.

10/15/18 07:28 AM #1465    


Mary Ann Etzler (Etzler-Phillips)

Donna, such good news! We will keep you on our family prayer list.  The list is growing everyday, it seems, so I'd love to hear  more good news soon!

Dave, I am stunned by the snowflakes, but then again, my aunt in Rockford, MN had a pretty good freeze over the weekend.  So I guess it is that time of year again.  I won't pray for a white Christmas here, but I pray for people to celebrate the season for all the right reasons.

As for our hurricane, well, some things you simply cannot prepare for other than to evacuate people.  I will tell you that the panhandle of Fla and all the way to the northern state borders have seen damage, destruction, and complete demolition.  My brother-in-law lives IN Panama City, just a few blocks from the water and he refused to evacuate.  We didn't hear from him for 2 days.  His block house is still standing, and he and the pets survived, but his yard/trees, roof, porch and a variety of other things are either no more or nearly destroyed.  We had begged him to leave and he refused.  Now, he says he'll NEVER stay again.  The damage all around him and the beach is just devastating.  Mexico Beach, about 20 miles east of him, is literally gone.  A few newer buildings are still standing but suffered much damage, while the rest of the buildings are gone--nothing but concrete foundations.  Even block buildings were destroyed. People don't realize how powerful the circulating wind and water can be.  It's worse than a tornado b/c the wind continues to spin the water and anything in its path, like an agitating washing machine.  The more things that come loose, the more debris there is to bump into other things.  And so it goes until there is nothing left to withstand the brutal beating of the loose debris.

Power is being restored and there are multiple states providing assistance in that regard.  Clean up will take months, maybe even a year.  Just clearing debris and trees from the streets takes months as there are not enough trucks or drivers to pick it all up--after property owners have sorted through it, packed/stacked and wrapped it all up.  As evidenced by the Folks in the Fla. Keys ( who are only just recently getting back to normal, , a year after IRMA blew through and devatated those islands, many of whom have not yet rebuilt homes due to insurance delays or lack of ins coverage), our Panhandle folks, from Panama City east to Appalachicola, and north to our Alabama & Georgia borders will be in need of assistance and have a difficult road to travel for some time.   Just getting building and other supplies is a challenge for those who are able to repair, patch, or otherwise replace their damaged property because many roads are still impassable.

And this is not forgetting our friends in Georgia, NC & SC, and VA, who have also been hit by this storm.  Michael left so much destruction and death in those states as well. 

Be well my friends, enjoy your cooler weather and the snowflakes.  This is God's way of reminding us that change is a way of life, and tomorrow brings new surprises (both good and maybe not so much). 

PS:  hoping I can make it to the reunion next year

-Mary Ann Etzler


10/15/18 06:36 PM #1466    


David Frazer

Mary Ann    Wow!  Thanks for the update.  What a mess. 

    In regards to snow in the south, the first Christmas I was at Fort Steward, GA, we had a snow storm.  Dangerous roads all the way to my in-laws in Thomasville, GA. I thought that was a gift from above having just moved from Upstate New York ten months earlier.  I also knew that being stationed by my in-laws was also a gift for my family and I. 

I will continue to pray for all those suffering from the storm!

10/18/18 12:49 PM #1467    

Toni Heller (Brush)

Donna I’m so happy to hear your great news!! Wow I’ll keep praying for you and that it continues to keep shrinking until it’s gone! Tell Steve Hi from Lynn and I and Lynn is also happy about the great news! Well keep us posted on your recovery, we’ll keep praying hope to see you at the reunion but will understand if you can’t make it but I hope you do! Good luck! Prayers always.

Hi everyone can’t wait til 45th reunion to see you all again I always have great fun and fond memories from them all! Hope everyone else is doing good keep your heart young it helps your health I was told by a great doctor and he’s well into his 90’s!

10/24/18 05:53 PM #1468    


David Frazer

Donna, I second Toni's wishes from last week!  Hope this week finds you well or better!

10/25/18 08:50 PM #1469    


Jeffery DuBois

Hey Donna - wishing you all the best!  Positive energy going your way....

10/25/18 09:12 PM #1470    


Jeffery DuBois

Hello fellow Message Forum participants - Regarding the Park High 45th year reunion in 2019 - any suggestions for what time of year/month to hold it?

What have we done in the past?   

John Hamerly pm'd me with the idea that  April may be a good month. Its kind of  a low holiday/low activity month so perhaps more could make it?  And the snowbirds would consider coming up.

Or do we want the reunion to be at a time coincides when people may be around for vacations  ( Christmas, Memorial Day, July 4th.....).

Someone mentioned perhaps holding the reunion at the Red Barn.  I will check into that -  not sure if we could rent a space  there for just our group or not.  I know my parents regularly go there for Toco Tuesday night and get some dancing in with live music.   One idea if there is a relatively small number of us is  we could crash the Toco Tuesday night...

Open to any suggestions.  Brain storming at this point...


- Jeff


10/26/18 12:46 PM #1471    


Victor DePaulis

Thanks Jeff! I wasn't sure if you had remained in the area! I know for me we will likely be going to Spain in February for a couple weeks tomeet oiur granddaughter, born Oct. 5th. Then the kids from Spain will likely visit here late summer for a month or two. So I'll give April my vote for now. Great to see you on the forum! And thanks stepping up!!

10/27/18 10:59 AM #1472    


David Frazer

Reunion Talk (saying the obvious of what you already know):  Having spent years hoping to pick the perfect date for a major church/outreach event, there are so many variables to consider.  I will pray for you all as you plan.  After asking someone who is trained or experienced in picking time, my next suggestion is to pick the day of the week first and then the time (remembering we are getting older and that 8 may be my bed time 😊) and that we are getting older and dancing over ten minutes might cause muscle problems 😊.  Also, consider that loud music hurts old people’s ears and they can’t hear the talking ☹.

Hope nobody is offended by my teasing the class of 74.  How many attended the event in Cottage Grove?  I forgot to count.  That event seemed to be a good turn out and fun.

If I was computer savvy and OCD about (these) things, I would create a sign-up sheet on-line and see how many people (especially from out of state) would be willing to come and what month/day/time that they would prefer.  Including a disclaimer that we have such a wide range of preferences as people.  I only have one event tentatively planned next year for May 11 (hopefully) and the bigger event in September (an “if” for a Church start service), so the sooner we put on the calendar the better for planning.  Some classmates volunteered and were contacted early enough to be given classmates’ names and any information (you contact A-E, you contact F-M, Steve Hardy, you contact Q-Z, Etc.).  I will be praying for the planning!  Thank you, Jeff, for doing this. 

11/05/18 08:00 AM #1473    


Mary Lou DeForth (Hosler)


Thank you, Jeff, for stepping up and volunteering to organize our 45th reunion.  I know it is no small task as I was part of the planning committee for our 35th.  Dave Frazer provided a lot of great input and I’d like to pass some thoughts along as well.  No man is an island so get yourself a committee ... that in itself is a great brainstorming forum.  I believe Dave mentioned something about an on-line communication/survey.  We didn’t have this Class Website 10 years ago (it came about as a result of our planning committee) and I would highly recommend you use it.  As administrator, Steve Hardy can send out an email blast to all website members (which I see is at 161) ... but that will only work if our members are keeping their email addresses up to date.  I suggest an email because not everyone looks at this site but they do read emails.  As for a date, the 35th was in November, and I believe the 40th in September.  I would suggest sometime between June - September.  I keep in touch with a number of classmates who live in the southern US and giving serious thought to attending our reunion but don’t believe they would travel to MN in April .... many snowbirds don’t come back until sometime that month.  Once you have a date and location, you can post information out on numerous sites .. one of them being the Alumni page of the Park High School website (  As for location ... I have been away from St. Paul Park/Cottage Grove for many years and confident you will find the right venue. 

Thanks again, Jeff.

Mary Lou

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