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11/28/19 10:03 AM #1672    


Victor DePaulis

To you  as well Dave! And to all of you may you enjoy your Thanksgiving day today!!!

11/28/19 11:16 AM #1673    

Roger Fritz

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family David, and to all the classmates out there.

11/28/19 11:49 AM #1674    


Steven Kaufhold

We're thankful for so much... my wife burnt the pumpkin pie but I'm thankful she made another one

11/29/19 11:16 AM #1675    


David Frazer

Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes!  Because of work schedules, i am having mine tomorrow.  Dilemma?  What to do about watching the biggest Gopher game (whose mascot is a chipmonk) in 100 years.  Axe me any question about why to beat Wisconsin?


p.s. Steve, who ate the burnt pie?  I always volunteer. 

11/30/19 11:53 AM #1676    


Steven Kaufhold

we'll be all snug on our couch... with visions of gophers dancing on the screen

well maybe I should work on that one

Dave, the guy driving the garbage truck has first claim on the burnt pie, sorry

12/01/19 05:21 AM #1677    


Douglas Kladis

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving 

12/02/19 05:12 AM #1678    

Robert Ayre

Dave you need to get a handle on it. Well it looks like nature had its way again the badger ate the gopher!
Let's see how the Vikings do tonight. Stay warm!

12/02/19 10:57 PM #1679    


David Frazer

Bob, They did get eaten by the Badgers; however, I consider the team a sophomore team so.... the next two years things keep getting better.  Vikings lost in a tough place to play, but only by seven.  By the way, I am hoping the Gophers offer my grandson a place, then I can watch him play. He has been visiting smaller schools, last weekend was Liberty; I went to Akron with him in November. The schools spend money smoozing the recruit and "Grandpa" recruiting and they offer the world. I think it is the begging that is embarrasing.


12/06/19 02:45 PM #1680    


David Frazer

Someone sent this to me today. I don't ever remember watching Mr. Rogers.  Anyone see the movie, yet?
I'm fairly convinced that the Kingdom of God is for the broken-hearted. You write of 'powerlessness.' Join the club, we are not in control. God is.   Fred Rogers



12/07/19 07:58 AM #1681    

Robert Ayre

"Won't you be my neighbor!" Dave you could be like Mr. ROGERS just get a cardigan sweater and wait by your mailbox for Mr. Mcfeely.
Susan Mcghan wishing you all the best in Arizona. Keep your winter coat, when it drops to 60.

12/07/19 12:12 PM #1682    


David Frazer

I think I forgot to mention happy new surroundings in Arizona, Susan!  For some reasons, I believed you had moved there a while ago.  Was it just visiting on a vacation?  Bob, I probably talk as slow as Mr. Rogers did; but I am not as sharp.  Pretty soon, in a decade or so, my age will cover that up with, "Oh, him?  He is just old." BTW, I do like sweaters.

12/09/19 01:29 PM #1683    


Douglas Kladis

Where is Susan Mcghan living in Arizona I would love to say Hi

12/12/19 08:34 AM #1684    


David Frazer

Doug; no word yet?  Your reputation as  someone who drops by for dinner with out an invitation might be preceeding you.laugh  Anyone want to share about stopping by friends' house for dinner, back in the day? Mr. Hardy? (Good memories)

12/13/19 11:57 AM #1685    


Douglas Kladis

Dave I have not done that since I been marred, since then thing have changed 

12/14/19 10:12 AM #1686    

Robert Ayre

All are welcome. I grew up with an open door to all who would just drop by for a visit. That is still the same. Time to enjoy this winter with sledding, skiing...
Wishing everyone safe shopping!

12/17/19 10:09 AM #1687    


Steve Hardy

 I would go over to Dave's house after I ate supper at home.  I think that Dave's mom and dad regarded me as the "cleanup crew", to help Dave finish off what was left of the meal.  I often arrived just as Dave was finishing, and everyone else had left the table.  Dave's mom would say "Come on in, Hardy, and help Dave finish off the french fries." 

12/19/19 04:08 AM #1688    


Susan McGahn (Hetland)

Hi guys, I am not afraid of Doug dropping by, that's so funny. Doug, we bought a home in Sun City. Dave, I understand why you thought we had already made the move because this was such a long process. We not only sold our house and bought one here but also my husbands mother's home and moved her her as well. We are now in our Sun City house but I do not have a Christmas tree up, it is buried in my garage under all her stuff. Moving one household is hard but two has been a challenge. My new neighborhood is lovely. We got our wifi today so I am back in action. Merry Christmas everyone. Hi Bob.

12/20/19 03:04 AM #1689    


Douglas Kladis

Susan these people like to give others a hard time, I use to live on the other side of town in Mesa on the far East side of Phoenix, Right now I live in Cottonwood and Next mouth I will finely settle down in my new Home in Dewey AZ near Prescott.  Prescott is also known as AZ Christmas town winters are good there in Sun city Summers are supper hot but it is a dry heat 

12/20/19 11:35 AM #1690    


David Frazer

Susan, enjoy the wonderful AZ Christmas!  Doug, how long have you been married now?  It is fun talking to people about how long my wife has put up with me.  She is so good.  Sainthood?  HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

12/29/19 12:06 AM #1691    


Douglas Kladis

Dave I been maried sisce April 25 1981 how ever long that is, got married in Houston Texas I was an Iron Worker back then. Since January 1975 I did that until some time in 86 shortly I got my 10 plus years in then I moved to Arizona 

12/29/19 05:52 PM #1692    


Jessica Aasved

HI everyone!  Wishing all a wonderful New Year!  I was reading back over all the posts I have missed and saw the teasing/question regarding people stopping by for dinner without an invitation.  Made me smile and think about things.  My grandparents came from a small town in ND and a family farm in northern MN; they always had the door open, a pot of coffee, and treats ready to share with visitors.  My Mom, on the other hand was not quite so open; a very generous soul, but a little reserved.  I think living in the "city" made her a bit nervous.  I seem to have inherited the "open door policy" myself.  Being single, however, I don't have the vast stores of coffee and treats; I have that single person's fridge - beer, wine, mustards and a lot of celery for some reason!  Ha!  Dropping by my house guarantees a person a Bud Lite, shot of tequila, water and/or a stalk of celery if you're hungry!  :-)

12/30/19 02:40 PM #1693    


Brent Reimnitz

Hey Jessica, "Dropping by my house guarantees a person a Bud Lite, shot of tequila...", just where do we find your house?  You may have more people stopping by than you think.

12/31/19 02:10 PM #1694    


John Cavanaugh

Happy New Year Class of 74.  May 2020 be a blessing for all of you.  

By the way, if you are traveling north and find yourself in Cloquet you are always welcome to stop by.  Kora and I would love visiting.  Brent has been here many times and I've never offered him a beer or a shot, but he still comes back.  ( I should be more hospitable) smiley

12/31/19 06:30 PM #1695    


Douglas Kladis

 Jessica Aasved I can teach the right was to have drop in or even drop on by without invations, inventions are to in complacated time date whatever, just do it

01/02/20 07:07 AM #1696    


Vickie Quiner (Carlson)

Happy New Year! Jessica we are probably close to where your parents grew up ! We are close to Fargo, ND. We are still shoveling out of a foot of snow. Looking forward to a wonderful 2020.

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